10 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

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Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you cannot do the prep work as freely as in a large kitchen. Actually, size is not a significant obstacle at all. Check out these 10 small kitchen ideas and you will realize that less is more. Yes! it doesn’t need big space for convenient processes and great results.

Black & White KitchenB&W Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Black and white is a scheme that is built from neutral tones which contrasts aesthetically. It not only makes your kitchen look modern but also feels more spacious without any excessive overtones and patterns. Via: Instagram

Accents Wall

Well, maybe the black and white mixture is not satisfying enough because you want to put your favorite color in the kitchen. Then the best alternative is to put it on the accent wall. Aside from being a focal point, the accent wall is extending the space, it is the best medium for entering a lot of tones without making the kitchen look cramped. Via: Instagram

Small Kitchen Design Ideas With Small Bar

Galley Kitchen

This method will depend on how the available space is. When your room is square, we advise you to keep placing as usual with the cabinet size reduced. Alternatively, you can also outsmart using an L-shaped cabinet. But when the available space is narrowed down, galley kitchens are the best that can be the solution for what you are facing. Via: Instagram

Galley Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Think Vertically

Any vertical space is potential. Via: Instagram

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Let The Kitchen Scheme Simple

From blue to turquoise, there is no limit to placing colors on the cabinet as long as you leave it simple. Likewise when choosing kitchen backsplash tiles, choose simple tones and patterns which are also tuned to the color of the cabinet. Via: Instagram

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Keep It Neat

One of the things that make a small room so intimidating is because you leave it in a mess. Keep it clean and hide what usually appears on the surface in a hidden storage area. Via: Instagram

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Dont Waste Your Space

Via: Instagram

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Bring In Bright Tones

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Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Add Portable Furniture

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Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Fit Your Cabinetry

The fitted cabinet optimizes space to the corners.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas



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