Living Room


Never wrongly think that the living room style is about the furniture inside. Start with the most basic things, it’s choosing a paint that matched the character and ambiance you want to show. Check out these 15 living room color scheme ideas and start to make anyone who comes being fascinated.

Rustic Living Room Color Scheme

Warm and simple, the rustic color scheme creates an inviting atmosphere, which is exciting to hang out with the family yet soothing to relax.

rustic living room colors scheme

Beige & Burgundy

Beige tends to be warm, rich but neutral. This gives you the advantage of accentuating colors to show the character. Yes! colors like yellow, red to feminine burgundy are the perfect colors above it.

living room colors scheme

Bright Blue

The bright color of the sky brings a spacious feeling into the living room as well as a cool retro look. You only need the main furniture that supports the atmosphere. A set of turquoise 50s and colorful rugs are the perfect combination to complete it.

living room colors scheme
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Velvet Plum

Elegant and charming, velvet plum tones tend to be romantic and feminine. Just need the appropriate lighting equipment to make your living room more comfortable to use to unwind watching neflix after a long day of work.

velvet living room colors scheme


Deciding on a living room color scheme from the colors of the season can be amazing. Yes! sunny summer, blue winter or autumn which is always distinctive with a falling leaf tone.

Autumn living room colors scheme


Berkshire Living Room Color Paint

Dark Grey

Grey Living Room Color Paint

Multicolored Living Room Paint Color

Multicolored Living Room Color Paint

Matter Black

Living Room Color Paint

Light Coral

Light Coral Living Room Color Paint Ideas

Ombre Peach

OMbre Peach Living Room Color Paint

Concrete Grey

Sophisticated, futuristic but at the same time also looks homely, gray concrete is the right equivalent for a modern living room. Identical to the industrial style which has become a trend in recent years.

Concrete Grey Living Room Color Paint

Neutral White

Perhaps this is the most widely used. But yes! it won’t be that popular if it doesn’t have many advantages. In fact, the white color pairing a white color scheme into the living room makes it easy for you to accentuate the decoration layer. There is no limit to combining other notes to white.

White Living Room Color Paint


Fresh, modern and energetic. Orange is a great way to update the look of your living room.

Orange Living Room Color Paint Ideas

Jade Green

Like its original function as a beautiful counterweight, jade green in the living room has the same effect.

Jade Living Room Color Paint Ideas